Can you buy property in Cambodia?

Buying property:

Can you buy property in Cambodia? Yes, well, sort of!

The rule:

Foreigners can own property in Cambodia providing it is not on the ground floor (great for apartments, etc).

If this doesn’t suit there are the following options:

Form a company with a Cambodian national - this company must have minimum 51% Cambodian shareholding. You can get around it so that the foreigner has full control of the company and its assets with careful drafting of documents.

Purchase plus long term rental - this allows the purchase of property under the name of a Cambodian citizen who then leases to a foreigner (for up to 99 years).

Marry a Cambodian national - use the name of your Cambodian spouse on the title deed.

Obtain honorary citizenship - usually granted if you make a significant ‘donation’ to the Royal Government of Cambodia for the purpose of benefiting Cambodia’s people.

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