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Do you prefer to stay in smaller, boutique hotels? Yes? Awesome, I have created a page where I will put up all my suggestions from my travels around the globe.

A great night for the adventurous foodie. Step out with me to a local market, try some fruits, dessert and maybe some creepy crawlies. We then head to a traditional Khmer BBQ where we can eat as the locals eat, washed down with the national beverage - beer!

There are so many reasons to choose Cambodia as your next holiday, or working holiday destination. History, temples, people, countryside, islands, beaches and, of course, food, just to name a few! After a year living here I have collated the best of the best for you below to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

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There are several stand out hotels in Hoi An depending on your budget and how long you are staying in town. Here are 6 top choices.

Aside from all the mouth watering Khmer cuisine, Phnom Penh boasts an ever-expanding delicious international food scene to rival any capital city. Here is a list of the top 6 hot spots around town.

Oh Hoi An how I love thee!!! If you take away the World Heritage Listed sites in the beautiful old town, the 250 tailors ready to whip up anything from a techno-colored suit to tiffany jewels and the friendly locals one of the best things you will be left with is her beautiful, complex, delicious, colorful cuisine.

The inaugural retreat is now finished and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! 7 beautiful people joined me to my favourite parts of Cambodia for 12 relaxing fun-filled days... Here it is a curation of the trip through my lens xo

Join me on my morning market tour to get a great insight into all of the Cambodian culinary delights!

Hoi An - I love you!!!

Hoi An is without a doubt one of my favourite places not just in Asia but in the WORLD! For those people who have not yet had the pleasure of gracing her shores she can best be described as a beautiful blend of Asia and Europe, a shoppers heaven, a culinary gold mine and a trip down memory lane.

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