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You have 2 options for your Cabodian Visa!

I would recommend registering with your local government organisation to let them know you are travelling abroad or will be living abroad. This way they will know you are there and can better assist you should there be any kind of natural disaster or emergency.

There are so many reasons to choose the Kingdom of Wonder as your new home. Aside from the fact that it has amazing food, a great climate (year-round summer that goes from hot, to very hot, to very hot and wet!), friendly locals, is incredibly affordable, and has a plethora of things to do and explore, it is also one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain the appropriate Visas for a long term stay (for now at least). So Cambodia - I choose you!

Cambodia’s turbulent history is etched into her beautiful and varied cuisine. You will find influences from neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam as well as a reminder of the 100 odd years the French ruled here in everyday meals throughout the country. One of the things I love is that you quite often have the subtle spiciness with hints of coconut that is synonymous with Thai cuisine while having the freshness that you will find in Vietnamese cuisine.

One of the BEST things about traveling is experiencing culinary delights in unfamiliar surrounds! This section of my website is to highlight some of the treats I have discovered!

I never travel without a good book, great for those long bus trips, airport waits, days lounging around and just to be able to completely switch off! Here I have compiled a list of my top 7 travel reads. Enjoy!

Phnom Penh has an amazing food scene - not only is the Khmer food a taste sensation but she is growing as a leader in the region with world class international cuisine to rival any of her neighbours! A foodie heaven, my roving dinners highlight some of the best of the best!

Want to know where to get the best deals on the cheapest accommodation? There are a few websites you should be checking out depending on what style of accommodation you are after.
Here are my top 5:

I get a lot of people asking me about volunteering in Cambodia and I think it is really great that people want to put back into the communities that they are living in or traveling through! The only problem is how to do it ethically and without detriment, unfortunately at the moment, here in Cambodia especially, there are some shady characters operating who are using foreigners money not to help Cambodia and her people but to benefit themselves.

So what can you do?

Have you been to paradise? Well I just went!!!

To be honest my expectations of Koh Rong Samloem, which is located 2 hours boat ride off the south coast of Cambodia from Sihanoukville, were pretty low after being disappointed by the amount of rubbish on the beach at Koh Ta Kiev but boy was I in for a surprise!

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