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People that don't know me wonder why I am choosing to go and live abroad, starting in Asia, and those that do know me know that Asia is where I am meant to be, I leave a little piece of my heart there after each visit! My love affair with Asia started many years ago and to this day I can describe no better feeling than walking out of the airport somewhere in Asia to be greeted by a blanket of heat, frantic scenes and exotic smells... it's addictive and i'm hungry for more!


Two of the hardest words I have had to say in a while! I have recently put in my resignation and it was really one of the most difficult things I have had to do in a long time. I love my job, but I know that there is something more, something bigger waiting for me. I had the day planned to ring in to the big boss and break the news that after almost 5 wonderful years with his amazing company we were about to part ways. Shit was getting real...

Welcome to my very first weekly catch up, thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your time. I thought a good place to start is with my Why?

Ducky – Why have you quit your secure, amazing job that flies you to exotic locations? Why are you selling everything you own and hitting the road when you are 34 and should be thinking about babies and mortgages? Why are you leaving your amazing friends and family behind to move to a place where nobody knows your name? Ducky – are you crazy?


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I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

- Kelly, Brisbane, Australia

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