Why Move to Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

There are so many reasons to choose the Kingdom of Wonder as your new home. Aside from the fact that it has amazing food, a great climate (year-round summer that goes from hot, to very hot, to very hot and wet!), friendly locals, is incredibly affordable, and has a plethora of things to do and explore, it is also one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain the appropriate Visas for a long term stay (for now at least). So Cambodia - I choose you!

The low down:

Population of Cambodia - About 15 million
Population of Phnom Penh - About 2 million
Language - Khmer (Some French and English also spoken)
Currency - Riel, however US Dollar is king (4000Riel = USD1)
Life expectancy - 62.5 yrs
Literacy rates - 78%
Religion - Majority Buddhist (Theravada) with 3% Muslim and 2% Christian
Number of tourists to Cambodia (2012) - About 2 million

Why choose Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh is an amazing city that is coming ahead in leaps and bounds! The riverside capital has a population of around 2.2 million and so much to offer travellers and Expats alike.

You will find the majority of embassies and NGOs are based in Phnom Penh and it is often referred to as the business hub of Cambodia. As a result, there are a lot more work opportunities there than the rest of the country. On top of this there are an abundance of English teaching opportunities, so if you are looking for work inside Cambodia, Phnom Penh is the perfect place to start.

The increase of Expats settling in Phnom Penh means you can find all the creature comforts of home and everything you would expect from a capital city anywhere in the world. There is a great emerging arts and fashion scene. The restaurant scene is ever improving and there are some fantastic shopping opportunities with international chains popping up everywhere. She has, however, managed to retain that old world Asia feel where life still happens out on the streets. It is very common to see families cooking meals out on the footpath - wedding receptions, birthday parties, and funerals will also happen out on the street!

My neighbours frying up some lunch out on the footpath!

On top of this, Phnom Penh is in a fantastic location, just 3-4 hours from the coast of Kep and Kampot, 4 hours from the ever popular Sihanoukville and 5-6 hours from the World Heritage Listed Siem Reap (a MUST do for everyone at least once in their life)! It’s also great for weekend getaways or to take advantage of the plethora of public holidays (29 in 2013 to be exact!). Anyone who speaks badly of Phnom Penh has not yet scratched under her surface (I feel like a protective mother, such is my love for this city).

If you would like more information on moving to the Phnom Penh check out my book:

Inside Phnom Penh: A Guide to Moving to the Kingdom's Capital

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