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This is one of the most important things you will invest in and I recommend shopping around to find the best policy for you. We opted for a 12 month travel insurance plan through World Nomads and I definitely would recommend them, they have a wide range of policies depending on what you plan on doing with your travels and are underwritten by the big guys, such as Lloyd’s Bank, so you know your money is safe with them! They also have loads of free stuff once you have signed up with them, such as free language guides, forums, up-to-date safety alerts, and a ‘Footprints’ program which they have set up as a kind of micro-lending charity to give back to the communities we travel through! You can check out more info on them on my website TRAVEL TIPS section.

The only thing to bare in mind is that most travel insurance plans will cover any immediate treatment you may require, however if you are requiring ongoing treatment such as rehabilitation, your travel insurance may not cover this. So, having said that, opting for simple travel insurance is a good option if you come from a country with a good health care system, as travel insurance will pay for your repatriation back to your home country where you can receive any necessary rehabilitation, etc.

Another option if you are looking at a more permanent move to Cambodia is to get actual health insurance. Some of my Expat friends have used AG Cambodia. These guys are a general insurance broker and can not only look after your health insurance but also property, vehicle, and employee insurance. They can compare different policies to find one that suits you.

Whichever you decide I can’t stress how important it is to have a good policy, fingers crossed you won’t need it but best to be on the safe side!

For more info on making a more permanent move to Cambodia check out Inside Cambodia: A Guide to Moving to the Kingdom's Capital.

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