Why I choose Asia?

People that don't know me wonder why I am choosing to go and live abroad, starting in Asia, and those that do know me know that Asia is where I am meant to be, I leave a little piece of my heart there after each visit. My love affair with Asia started many years ago and to this day I can describe no better feeling than walking out of the airport somewhere in Asia to be greeted by a blanket of heat, frantic and utter chaotic traffic scenes and the exotic smells... oh the smells... it's addictive and i’m hungry for more!

I have been fortunate enough to visit many countries throughout Asia and one that I hold close to my heart is Cambodia, it is for this reason that I am making it my first stop. To go to Cambodia there is a plethora of things to do including the amazing temples of Angkor, all of the history with the rein of the Khmer Rouge, beautiful architecture and scenery, but the thing that makes this place so addictive to me is definitely her people. When you consider their quite recent horrific past, to go there today you wouldn’t realise, the people are so welcoming, smiley, happy and looking towards the future. So - Cambodia - I choose you.

Another big deciding factor was the amazing work that Scott Neeson is doing out of Phnom Penh with the Cambodia Children's Fund. You can check out his amazing work on this Australian Story You Tube clip:


I love what he is doing and want to be a part of it, so to kick things off I am donating 50% of all sales of my World Tables Cookbook to the Cambodia Children’s Fund. You too can help by purchasing one of his books right here on my website!!! Go on... do it :o) Hahaha

He talks about the ‘layers’ that he discovered during initial travels to Cambodia and this is something that resonates with me. Alot of tourists just scratch the surface and fail to see the 'real' country in all her glory and all her pain. I want to try and uncover some of that and share it with you all. It is a wierd feeling but something draws me there, I am not sure what it is, I just have this deep knowing that I am meant to be there amongst it. Who knows where the road will lead to from there but for now I am at peace with my decision and excited about what she holds!

Departure day is still on track for January 6, 2013 so be sure to sign up for my weekly updates and stay tuned as I rock around the Kingdom of Cambodia!





Have you been to Cambodia? I would love to hear any stories or tips you have for me, leave a comment below!

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I love her wholesome approach to food, life and adventure, and it's a highlight of my week to follow her travels to places I'd rather be.

- Kelly, Brisbane, Australia

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