36 Hours in Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Got 36 hours to kill in Phnom Penh? Find out what to do, where to go, what to eat and where to stay!

Having lived as an Expat here in Phnom Penh I’ve found that generally people will have around 36 hours to take in ALL of the highlights of this amazing city. So… I wanted to put together my guide on what to do. This is a city not to be overlooked.

Ok… let’s go!

Day 1



Airport – Tuk Tuk is the best option. Set price of USD7

Bus Station – Tuk Tuk, don’t pay more that $4-5. Most places will be around $2-3 depending on what bus company you use.

Check in to your hotel, check out my favs HERE.

2pm-5pm – Visit the Royal Palace, cost is USD3pp

530pm – 930pmStreet Food Walking Tour OR Roving Dinner to get an insight into the often under-represented Khmer cuisine

Night Owls

Check out Doors for live music or head down to St 51 for some people watch and cheap drinks. Newly renovated St 308 has about a dozen ‘Micro-Bars’ and is not to be missed!

Extreme Night Owls

Check out Pontoon

Day 2

730amMorning Market Tour – well worth the early rise, come hungry!

9am – Tuk Tuk to Killing Fields and S21. You can hire a Tuk Tuk for the entire day for USD25 (Plus I usually give a tip because the’re awesome). My preferred drivers are Mr Smiley – 012 608 247 OR Mr Marra 012 367 769 OR Mr Lucky 097 382 8843

Lunch – Your driver can take you to a restaurant or I would recommend Romdeng – A great restaurant for a great cause, tarantula anyone?


Food induced coma by the pool?

National Museum (Open until 5pm, USD5)

Shop until you drop on St 240, St 178, Russian Markets and Central Markets

Photographers should head to down Sihanouk Bvld towards the river then right on to Sothearos and down the little alley on the left for some great shots. Once an apartment building for athletes, it now houses 4-5 times the amount of peeps it was designed to. An eclectic mix of street vendors, families, ladies of the night and beauty salons meshed together. Probably avoid at night.

Massage – Treat yourself to one of the many USD7 massages or splash out and head to Bodia at the riverside end of St 178.

430pm – Get yourself on a Sunset Cruise, I love Tara Cruises. To check availability shoot an email to info@urbanforage.co

Dinner – So many choices!!! Check out my list of International choices HERE or email me for my latest recommendation ducky@urbanforage.co

Day 3

AM – Enjoy a morning bicycle ride on quiet back roads, visiting local communities and farmland to witness village life in the Cambodian countryside with Grasshopper Adventures. Hit up info@urbanforage.co to check availability and book.


Tuk Tuk to the Airport, again is the set price of USD7

Careful – Pickpocketing is on the rise. Be careful of your belongings, you know the drill. Don’t buy of the kids or give to the begging kids. If you want to help check out a reputable organisation like Empowering Cambodia.

Got more time?

If you are here for a weekend most restaurants are now doing Brunch – great value!

Head out past the airport and go Go Carting!

Hit me up in the comments section if you have any questions and be sure to LIKE, share and subscribe!

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