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Welcome to my very first weekly catch up, thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your time. I thought a good place to start is with my Why?

Ducky – Why have you quit your secure, amazing job that flies you to exotic locations? Why are you selling everything you own and hitting the road when you are 34 and should be thinking about babies and mortgages? Why are you leaving your amazing friends and family behind to move to a place where nobody knows your name? Ducky – are you crazy? Well no, at least not diagnosed :o)

Have you ever felt like there was something more to life? Have you ever felt that you were destined for something BIG? Have you ever wanted to fix the world but got lost in the enormity of it all and ended up doing nothing at all? You are not alone… I have always had this deep knowing that I am perhaps a little (or maybe more than a little) different and that there is something more out there for me. If you are reading this I am guessing we are similar. I don’t want to wake up in 30 years’ time and think – Shit! Where did that go? I don’t want to put things off until after I have kids, when the kids grow up, when I retire, when does it stop? Why can’t I live my ultimate reality now? Well, the truth is the only thing that has ever stopped me is me. But not any more.

My What? My plan is to hit the road – starting in Cambodia. I am going to live like a local, volunteer where possible, make local friends and report back to YOU! I have a plan of spending 3-6 months in each location before moving on and starting again, nothing like getting out of your comfort zone. I will be bringing you tales and advice from my adventures. If you want tips for living location independent – you got it! Practical tips for setting yourself up in foreign countries – you got it! Even if you aren’t thinking of becoming location independent but want local advice so you don’t become another tourist – you got it! Basically I want to provide you with everything you will need to know to do what I am doing, because I don’t want you to wait either. Being a bit of a wannabe foodie you will also get a peppering of my favourite restaurants and recipes along the way, hmmmmmmm food….

How? I guess I realised that a location independent lifestyle was possible, even for me, after reading Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity and later $100 Start Up. We don’t need to conform to what society ‘thinks’ is best for us. Holidays don’t have to be reserved for holidays. We can live our holidays every day, and that is what I plan on doing. My biggest piece of advice on the ‘How’ front is to just do something, a lot of small changes will eventually create something big, and this is coming from someone who was the world’s greatest procrastinator, I had a million brilliant ideas and failed to take action on any of them, until now…

Read, get informed, hook up with like-minded people, kick around ideas, think outside the box, ask yourself ‘What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?’ I plan on working my arse off to make this life remarkable. My Favourite band at the moment is ‘Passenger’ and a great line from them is ‘Life’s for the living so live or you’re better off dead.’ Let’s freaking do this! When? I am hitting the road the first week in January, 2013 – wish me luck, I hope you enjoy the ride!

With gratitude,

Ducky xo

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