Top 5 websites for discount accomodation
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Want to know where to get the best deals on the cheapest accommodation? There are a few websites you should be checking out depending on what style of accommodation you are after.

Here are my top 5:

A great website with loads of different accommodation loaded up and ready to go, from backpackers through to 5 star! Check it out HERE


A great website for booking in accommodation, in Asia in particular. They offer a best price guarantee and you earn points that you can use for future bookings – Winning!!! Check it out HERE

Air BnB

The concept is a simple but brilliant one – basically people post rooms, entire houses, tree houses, bungalows, yachts, pretty much every style of accommodation on the website for rent and you can search for what is available in your chosen area. I love the concept as it allows you to live like a local and is quite often alot cheaper than hotel options. You can also rent your space out to earn some extra cash! Check it out HERE

Hostel World

Looking for a cheaper option for your accommodation – check out Hostel World. 35,000 hostels and B and Bs in over 180 countries. To check out your next destination click HERE


Another great online booking engine, a simple site, easy to navigate, one of the biggest online players at the moment. To check them out click HERE

For the best result for you and to make sure you get the cheapest deal I would check out a couple of the above websites to compare and then go with the one that is best suited.

Also – as I travel the globe I am making an ever expanding list of my favourite small boutique hotels. These hotels get my personal tick of approval – you can check out my list:


Vietnam – Hoi An

Happy holidaying!!!!

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