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Below you will find some of my top travel tips and FAQs, they should help give you a good overview of where to start or where to go next! If you have any other questions remember I am here to help so please hit me up via email xo

TIP #1 – Get Informed

Get informed before you travel – we live in an amazing age where you have so much information at your finger tips! I try to provide great practical information for you here on Urban Forage and there are heaps of other websites and books that have great travel info for you!

I have written comprehensively on Cambodia and compiled it all for you HERE – check it out!

Lonely Planet – You can now get digital copies as well as physical copies HERE and you can get just the sections that are relevant to you! I recommend getting the guide for your given country.

I am in LOVE with LUXE City Guides – for the more discerning traveller they showcase the best in food, fashion and entertainment. A MUST for any busy traveller.

Trip Advisor – check out what other travelers have to say about your up and coming destination..

Nomadic Matt – Matt has a great website that is super easy to navigate – check it out HERE. He has also just released his new book – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ON $50 A DAY. You can pick yourself up a copy HERE

For Travel to South East Asia I recommend checking out Travel Fish – an awesome resource.

If you are thinking of moving overseas but are unsure where to start your can check out my Private Consultancy Packages HERE

TIP # 2 – Choose the right accommodation

Your choice of accommodation can make or break your holiday so it is best to do your research before rocking up to a place. I like to start with working out my budget per night and going from there. You have so many options for bookings, I recommend checking out my blog post on which site to check out to get the best deal.  Check it out HERE and compare a few different options.

TIP #3 Eat local

For me food is one of the best things about travel – getting out and experiencing all the new and exciting flavors of a city. I would recommend trying to eat local as much as possible. Not only is this much more economical but you will get to have a much more authentic experience of your destination! Go to the local markets, find out if there are any farmers markets, check out the local supermarkets and bakeries and make yourself a picnic, walk around and see where the locals are hanging out! Check out more info HERE

TIP #4 Stay longer

Have you thought about taking a sabbatical from your job, maybe some leave without pay, or salary sacrifice for extra annual leave or just quitting altogether and moving abroad? I believe the longer you stay in any given destination the better your experience will be. Check out the Country Guides section for info and books on moving abroad! Don’t know what to do for work? Check out 101 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere In The World!

TIP #5 Packing Right

Too many times I have found myself on holidays with half a bag full of stuff that I don’t wear while wishing I had other stuff!!! I have turned up on a work trip with no undies, on a beach getaway with no swimsuit, to the snow with no scarf or gloves… you get the drift. I now have a little checklist before any trip – click through and check it out!

The most important thing to pack on any holiday is your patience and sense of humor!! Click HERE for my checklist.

TIP #6 Work and travel

A great way to be able to extend your stay is to work abroad, there are plenty of options for people willing to get out of their comfort zone. This can be both challenging and rewarding. Check out my new eBook ‘101 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World’

TIP #7 Get comprehensive insurance

I can’t stress this enough! Thankfully I have only needed my travel insurance for things that have been stolen – passport, money, camera, wallet etc but you hear so many hellish stories of exorbitant prices of people having to stay in hospitals, being evacuated from countries, natural disasters that have forced changed travel plans… the list goes on. Check out the different options online, a few credit cards offer insurance if you pay for your travel with your credit card (be careful here of inclusions). I opt for World Nomads – I find them affordable, really helpful – especially when you need them and importantly they give back. You can get a quote HERE.

world nomads

TIP #8 Pick the right tour

Im all for independent travel however there are certain countries where I would shy away from this and sometimes I just want everything taken care of for me, especially when I am limited for time!

Some companies I recommend:


Contiki – Holidays for 18-35s. I was lucky enough to work for Contiki in Europe for 4 years and as a result I can personally vouch for the quality of training provided to staff to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime. They have some great itineraries to get a taste of heaps of different countries/areas. Check them out

Quo Vadis – Holidays for 30-40 somethings in Europe. The best tour manager in the business, later starts, more inclusions, slower itineraries giving more time to actually take in a destination and unique itineraries!

G Adventures – For the more intrepid traveler these guys have beautiful grass root itineraries to far flung places! They have some awesome last minute deals offering up to 25% off – for more info click HERE

Intrepid have some awesome itineraries to wicked locations. These guys cater for all ages as well as families!

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I also am offering Urban Forage Retreats to Cambodia – beautiful handcrafted 12 day itineraries designed to give you an insight into this wonderful country but also leave feeling revunvinated and like you have had a relaxing holiday – check them out HERE

TIP #9  Volunteer

A great way to experience any new country and give back while traveling. My biggest piece of advice here is to be able to commit to minimum of 2 months if you are dealing with  children, disabled or disadvantaged. It is not healthy for these people to have a revolving door of people ‘helping’.

TIP #10  Go local

I like to go local whenever I can, whether it be with food, activities or accommodation. A great website that allows you to do just this is Air BnB. The concept is a simple but brilliant one – basically people post rooms, entire houses, tree houses, bungalows, yachts, pretty much every style of accommodation on the website for rent and you can search for what is available in your chosen area. I love the concept as it allows you to live like a local and is quite often alot cheaper than hotel options. You can also rent your space out to earn some extra cash! Check it out HERE

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