Best restaurants in Phnom Penh 2022

Where to eat in Phnom Penh in 2022?

Searching for the best restaurants in Phnom Penh in 2022? Look no further…

We have been eating our way around the Kingdom’s Capital while the world went into it’s slumber!


Ahhhhhh the famous Kimsan Sisters. Funfact – these ladies are 2 of the countries top chefs who run Sombok and are not, in fact, sisters but share the same name! This is the latest upmarket Cambodian gastronomy restaurant in Phnom Penh, serving up creative Khmer cuisine daily from 0630am-1030pm. Sister restaurant to the ‘must do’ Embassy restaurant in Siem Reap this is a must for any foodie visiting the capital with food alllmmooossstttt too pretty to eat.

INSIDER TIP – Their Vego Menu is amazing (like the pic below) and they have great sharing mains for meat eaters!!!

Cuisine Wat Damnak

A MUST DO for any foodie aficionados out there. Think of ancient Cambodian flavours crafted using traditional French techniques. Their original restaurant in Siem Reap is closed for the moment and they are busy making waves on the Phnom Penh culinary scene. Open for lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday. 2 words. DO IT.

INSIDERS TIP – Book ahead and book the tasting menu – it changes monthly!

54 Langeach Sros

We discovered this place over 10 years ago and include it in our Evening Food Tour in Phnom Penh. Hands down the best Khmer BBQ/Live music/delicious restaurant in town. If you are after local authentic food then this is the joint for you and you can experience it on our Ultimate Street Food Tour every evening! Think smokey ribs, creamy curries and fresh zingy salads. This is where the locals eat! Open daily from about 5pm, or if you are a big foodie, check it out on our Phnom Penh food tours HERE. It is one of the 9 stops and 20 tastings we do over the evening. 

INSIDER TIP – If you make it on our Ultimate Street Food Tour ask our guide extraordinaire – Mr Jackson, to take to the stage and sing you a traditional Cambodian love song! 

Mok Mony

A fav hangout of all the Urban Forage crew, expats and locals alike. This hidden gem quickly fills up. The menu is eclectic with dishes from all over Asia and is one of the best places to eat in Phnom Penh! Located in the popular BKK area and is open from 1100am-1000pm.

INSIDER TIP – Try the Beef wrapped in Betel Nut Leaf

Eleven One Kitchen

Now located in both Russian Market and BKK this is a great option if you are stuck on what to eat in Phnom Penh. Eleven One offers up healthy Western, Asian and Cambodian dishes in a lovely garden setting. Open 7am until about 930pm daily. 

INSIDER TIP – An easy walk from Russian Market, great for a rest between shopping!


Best Street Food

If you are looking for the best street food in Phnom Penh in the evening best to check out our Ultimate Street Food Tour HERE. We 9 stops and over 20 tastings. We have done the ground work (and eating) for you! Come hungry…. We love the street food around Russian Market and Kandal Market areas in the evening.

In the morning be sure to check out the smokey BBQs on every second street corner for the famous and delicious Bai Sach Chruk, Pork and Rice. Served up with a pickle, a hearty broth and a fried egg. A favourite foodie experience!


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