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Yes! We can cater for most special diets and allergies, just tell us at time of booking or shoot an email through to info@urbanforage.co to double check. We welcome vegetarians and while there are some dishes we can’t ‘vegetarianise’, we assure you, you will finish with a belly full of deliciousness!

We would love to have you on multiple tours! The cuisine enjoyed by families in Cambodia varies depending on the time of day, and depending on the area! Our morning tours have completely different food than our evening tours. Our Phnom Penh Experiences have a completely different, equally as awesome, vibe than our Siem Reap Tours.

We are able to run the tours, rain, hail or shine. the only exception is if it the roads or the markets are flooding. We love rainy season!

We would love to offer you a discount on any of the Urban Forage run tours (sorry we can’t discount the tours not run by us)

We have our award winning, numero uno, famous Urban Forage Food and Art Tours, and then we have hand selected a couple of our favourite tours in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to highlight. These are tours that we have been on personally, and we know are the best in their field. Urban Forage approved!!

We love intimate! Our morning tours are maximum 6 people and our evening tours are maximum 8 people. If you have a bigger group, we can cater for you, no problem, we just need to know in advance. Shoot us a message info@urbanforage.co

Certainly, we offer private groups and tailor made itineraries. If you like the sound of one part of an Urban Forage tour and the sound of a part of another Urban Forage tour, let us smash them together to create the ultimate experience for you! Better still let us put together the ultimate getaway! Just email info@urbanforage.co

Come hungry! All our tours offer enough food for a full meal, and then some so be sure to come prepared! Our evening tours include a cocktail as well as free flow beers and softdrinks.

YES! If we can fit you in we would love to! Email info@urbanforage.co or call or Whatsapp +855(0)88 564 4740

HEAPS, we have heaps! Shoot us an email after you book and we will give you our secret hot tips!

Payment & Gift Cards

Sure, no probs! If you would prefer to pay cash on the evening that’s no worries, just shoot an email to info@urbanforage.co to make your booking.

Full refunds are given for any cancellations up to 48 hours prior. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of departure, however, shoot us a message and we will try to reschedule for you. No probs! It would be an awesome help if you could just let us know in advance of your cancellation via email info@urbanforage.co or call +855(0)88 564 4740

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