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Top 10 FAQs from first time travelers to Cambodia

What should I try first?

The most famous Cambodian dishes include Amok (a fish curry traditionally steamed in a banana leaf, this can also be ‘vegetarianised’), Lok Lak (a stir-fry with beef), and Khmer Curry: a mild curry, usually with chicken or fish. Spice generally comes on the side for you to add to taste. If you are feeling adventurous seek out Prohok: Cambodian ‘cheese’, this is a stinky, delicious fermented fish paste or the famous Durian: when it is in season. Our favs are also Nom Bahn Chok (a mild fresh rice noodle dish), Bai Sach Chruk (pork and rice breakfast), Kuy Teav (Fresh rice noodle soup) and the delicious curb side BBQs!

Is Cambodian food spicy?

As a general rule, Cambodian food is very mild comparing to our neighbors, having said that Cambodian are the masters of condiments so the spicy will always be available on the side.

What about vegetarians or vegans?

Cambodia has plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, popular dishes like Amok, Lok Lak and Num Banh Chok can all be vegetarianised! If you are feeling adventurous check out our Plant Based Breakfast Food Tour in Siem Reap, details HERE

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Is street food safe?

It’s generally safe, but, like eating street food anywhere, use your common sense: is it fresh, is it busy, is it the time that the locals would be eating etc etc. Check out all the best Street Food on our Ultimate Street Food Tour in Phnom Penh – details HERE Be adventurous!

What’s in Cambodian food?

It is a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy! Ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and coconut milk are popular and give Cambodian food its distinctive flavor.

How much should I budget for food?

Prices vary, but street food costs around $1-2 USD and restaurants around $5-10 USD per meal. If you want a degustation at a fancy resto you should budget about $50pp plus extra for drinks.

Can I drink tap water?

It’s not recommended, use bottle or filtered water. Bring your own water bottle and most guesthouses, bars and restaurants will be happy to refill for you to save on single use plastic.

What’s a popular snack or dessert?

Kralan (sweet sticky rice cake), Num Kachay (vegetable and chive-filled dumplings), and (jelly dessert with coconut milk), Por Pia (like a sweet coconut filled ‘burrito’) are some favorites.


Where should I eat?

Check out our blog post on the best places to eat in Phnom Penh HERE

How do I order in restaurants?

Cambodians have exceptional English and you won’t have a problem in most places. The Khmer word for Menu is Menu (but pronounced a little French!), pointing can work too and a lot of street stalls will have pictures of dishes!

In conclusion, Cambodian food is amazing, and now you’re ready to explore the flavors and dishes Cambodia has to offer. Enjoy your culinary journey through this wonderful country!

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